Innovation For A  Greener World

Descrete is a cement and concrete technology company at the forefront of engineering practical, sustainable building products as an alternative to inefficient traditional practices.

Carbon Negative Technology

Through use of its proprietary additive, Descrete enables the production of carbon negative cement by allowing higher portions of mineral by-products to be used than is traditionally the case.

Performs and handles like OPC

Descrete’s practical solution enables the concrete industry to dramatically reduce its carbon footprint whilst conforming to industry standards without penalty to performance, handling or cost.

Our Products

Descrete’s proprietary additive has been engineered to optimize the increased use of available mineral by-products. Blends inclusive of the additive dramatically reduce the carbon footprint of cement & sequester carbon producing carbon negative outcomes.

Cement blends using Descrete’s additive are suitable for & have been in commercial use for over 5yrs in pre-mix, masonry, mortar/render & unfired brick applications.

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Benefits Of Descrete Technology

      • Significantly reduced CO2 footprint
      • Performs and handles like OPC
      • Superior Durability
      • Reduced Shrinkage
      • Lower Cost

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