About Descrete

Descrete is a cement and concrete technology company at the forefront of engineering practical, sustainable building products as an alternative to inefficient traditional practices.

The company’s founders identified a need for a sustainable alternative to Ordinary Portland Cement (OPC) – the manufacture of which accounts for over 5% of total global CO2 emissions.

Much of the industry’s CO2 reduction efforts have been focused either on incremental efficiencies to traditional cement manufacture practices such as advances in kilning and the use of alternative fuels or in the development of unreliable geopolymer technology.

Descrete sort a practical solution to the reduction of CO2 by working with raw feeds, supply lines and infrastructure already in use and accepted by the industry.

Extensive research by Descrete uncovered the discovery of a unique chemical reaction with recycled mineral by-products (eg. fly ash, slag) already in use by the cement industry. This discovery led to a proprietary additive being developed which enables larger portions of these minerals by-products to be used in place of OPC in cement blends than is currently the case.

After 10yrs Research and Development and rigorous NATA approved laboratory testing, Descrete designed cement blends have been in commercial use for over 5yrs in applications including pre-mix, masonry, mortar/render and unfired bricks.

Descrete was chosen as the cement of choice by Wollongong University’s winning Illawarra Flame entrant in the 2013 global Solar Decathlon competition. This prestigious competition attracting entrants from around the world is known as the ‘Sustainable Olympics’ and is co-sponsored by the US Department of Energy and the Chinese National Energy Administration.