Northern China Manufacture & Distribution Established – Tianjin/Tangshan

Descrete has partnered with CMC Cometals for the manufacture and distribution of its breakthrough proprietary additive allowing concrete producers a simple transition to lower cost, high performance sustainable concrete.

Commercial Metals Company (NYSE: CMC) is a Fortune 300 company with facilities and distribution networks across the United States, Europe and Asia with over 10,000 employees. CMC manufacture, recycle and market steel products and trade raw materials and industrial minerals. They are the United State’s largest manufacturer and fabricator of steel reinforcing bar and global leader servicing the concrete industry.

The strategic partnership between Descrete and CMC in the Tianjin and Tangshan regions is positioned to take advantage of strict government mandates relating to the circular economy. Descrete’s technology helps solve the serious industrial waste disposal problem, preserves depletion of natural resources, reduces CO₂ emissions and provides users Government tax incentives, emissions trading credits and green bond investment opportunities.

China produces more concrete than the rest of the world combined, consuming more concrete in the past three years than the US has in its past 100 years.

The partnership has been formed on the back of successful trials in premix, precast, masonry and mortar/render applications. Operations are due to commence by the end of 2017.